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Therapy in Holywood

1-1 Counselling in Holywood County Down 

Private counselling sessions offer you the opportunity to discuss what issues you face and what problem thoughts and behaviours you would like to change. You will work with a qualified and experienced therapist, face to face. Following an initial assessment session where these problems will be discussed, goals will be set and work will progress weekly or fortnightly, depending on your budget, needs, therapy goals and availability.

Initially we will focus on understanding and lowering the uncomfortable and limiting symptoms you may be facing, whether they be mental or physiological. Initially we work to lower anxiety and improve mood. With time, better understanding of the problems and situations faced will develop and patterns in behaviour or thought that are unhelpful can be noted, understood, explained and then challenged so the benefits you get from therapy are longstanding. We will be working with a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy approach where you will learn CBT techniques to practice independently outside of the counselling environment.   

Therapy in Holywood County Down takes place in a comfortable and private office space in the centre of the town. We hope you always feel safe and comfortable. 

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