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1-1 Counselling in Holywood County Down 

P​rivate counselling sessions offer you the opportunity to discuss what issues you face and what problem thoughts and behaviours you would like to change with a qualified experienced therapist, face to face. Following an initial assessment session where these problems will be discussed, goals will be set and work will progress week to week (or every two weeks). Initially we will focus on understanding and lowering the uncomfortable and limiting symptoms you may be facing, whether they be mental or physiological. Initially we work to lower anxiety and improve mood. With time, better understanding of the problems and situations faced will develop and patterns in behaviour or thought that are unhelpful can be noted, understood, explained and then challenged so the benefits you get from therapy are longstanding. We will be working with a CBT approach where you will learn cognitive behavioural therapy techniques to practice independently outside of the counselling environment.   

Therapy in Holywood County Down takes place in a comfortable and private office space in the centre of the town. It is well lit and the room never gets too hot or cold so you should hopefully always feel safe and comfortable.   

COVID-19 Notes and guidelines for attendance in person

In September 2020, while COVID-19 cases are on the increase in Northern Ireland, we continue to offer face to face appointments fully adhering to government guidance and in line with advice provided by our professional governing body, the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.  Below I've outlined the main steps we are taking during this time, along with procedural policy I hope you can agree to, to ensure we all can remain and feel safe.



Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is available on entry to the room and on the side table throughout the session.
Please sanitize your hands during entry to the therapy room and at any additional times you wish throughout the appointment.

Social distancing

Social distancing measures are to be adhered to at all times throughout your appointment. Our seats (from face to face) are positioned 2 metres apart.


On entry to the therapy building I will stand behind the glass panel of the front door until you are up the stairs and I will maintain a distance behind you until you have entered the room and are seated.


You will not be required to touch any surface, other than the therapy chair during the appointment. When possible, we are seeking to avoid completion of any forms and this may mean additional resources and measures will be emailed between sessions.


Regardless of this, surfaces and door handles will be disinfected and wiped clean between each session and seats will be sprayed with fabric disinfectant spray periodically throughout the day.

Masks and Face coverings

We have given considerable consideration to the additional measure of face coverings. However as per current government guidance, face coverings are not required if social distancing is maintained.


For confidentiality and to maintain a comfortable room temperature, windows will be shut during appointments. However, Windows will be regularly opened between sessions to ventilate the room. Please then consider that the room may be cooler as we approach the winter months.

Additional Points

Water will no longer be made available. Please bring your own water if required.

Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes before your appointment time. This is to ensure I am able to carry out cleaning, ventilation etc. and be ready for our appointment.  

Please message on arrival and I’ll meet you at the front entrance when the room is ready.

Be aware that in the event I or another client contracts COVID-19, I may be required to disclose your name and contact details in breach of our previous confidentiality agreement for the purposes of contact tracing. This is in the public interest and in signing this document you are agreeing to this change from our previously agreed therapy contract.


Appointments may be disrupted should I need to self-isolate due to a member of my family contracting COVID-19 or in the event where we are awaiting results of a test.


We continue to offer online appointments through Zoom and are working currently to improve the quality of this therapy method and availability of these appointments. If you are unhappy with measures in place for in-person appointments or if the level of risk posed by COVID-19 increases in coming months, I strongly advise you consider this mode of therapy.


If you choose to meet in person and then decide you would rather continue by Zoom, this can be arranged.



Please do not attend your appointment if you have been feeling unwell, had a cough or a temperature within the prior 7 days.


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